I am Gatsby

My story has been told throughout history through the eyes of another, but my journey began thousands of miles before my paths crossed with Nick Carraway. A chance encounter that may not have even come about if I had not laid eyes on Daisy Fay on that sweet summer’s day back in Louisville.

I broke free from a town whose sole aspiration was to survive with a burning desire to become something more, to live a life grander than myself.

I battled my way through the vindictive streets and navigated through an unknown world, with only the clothes on my back and the strength of my own convictions. I wrangled past the dark corners and sleepless nights until I found a place in this world in West Egg, New York where wealth and prestige was a pre-requisite.

Without a doubt, I pursued my every ambition no matter the cost until it cost me my own life. Despite my missteps along the way, I stayed true to my creation until the very bitter end. 

I had sprung from the imagination of a seventeen-year-old boy with greatness pumping through my veins, transforming into the single most hopeful and determined person anyone has ever known.

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Rediscover the timeless tale of the Great Gatsby through the eyes of Jay Gatsby himself as he takes you back to the very beginning.

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